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Prime Logistics Newsletter | 2022 At A Glance

Read this article for a quick recap of 2022.

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2022 In Words

Prime ran incredibly smoothly throughout 2022. We’ll be giving some stats for the duration of the year below!

We would also like to let you know regarding changes to forthcoming Newsletters. From now on, our Newsletters will be released following each quarter, meaning there will be one every 3 months, with the next one releasing in early April. This will mean we have a lot more to talk about in each Newsletter!



What a year it was. We introduced our support ticket system, which is being used daily and is providing support to the public and drivers from different departments.

We celebrated our fourth year anniversary with special convoy routes created by our Event Team. It was a great success and we can’t wait for this year’s anniversary event! Together with our anniversary we also announced our singleplayer project, where we opened the VTC for user that solely enjoy singleplayer. There was thus no requirement to have a TruckersMP account, while they enjoy the same benefits as any other driver. This was a success as we already welcomed 37 drivers into our singleplayer division

A new feature has been released on the Drivers Hub, the Bonus Point System. That way we could create bonuses where we give our drivers some tasks, and if they complete it they receive a certain amount of bonus points. This has been a great success as certain bonuses have been given over 1.000 times to our drivers, this were mostly the WoT events.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Team can be seen as the backbone of the VTC, managing any issues that arise. Below are some of the key stats from the image!

1155 promotions were issued by HR since June of 2022. This works out to about 6 promotions every day!

Similarly, 1214 job approvals were handled by HR in 2022. This includes all manually logged jobs on our Drivers Hub, and any suspicious/reported jobs!

300 Leave of Absence requests were processed in 2022, meaning approximately 38% of our drivers took a Leave of Absence, for a variety of reasons.

Most importantly, our driver count still increased in 2022, from 714 in December 2021, to 779 in December 2022, a 9% increase! More key information about our driver count can be found in the Recruitment section below!

human resources stats


Recruitment Team

In 2022, we received 1586 applications. This is around 4 applications every day! Of those 1586 applications, 989 were accepted, meaning our acceptance rate was 62.36%. Therefore, 37.64% of applications were declined for a variety of reasons.

Although we accepted 989 people into the VTC, our total driver count only increased by 65, due to people leaving the VTC.

recruitment stats


Examinations Team

2022 was an even busier year for the Examinations Team compared to 2021. In total, 873 exams were conducted throughout the year, compared to 671 in 2021, a 30% increase!

Our 3 most popular exams throughout the year were the Regular Cargo, Heavy Cargo, and Fragile Cargo exams, making up just over 50% of all exams taken throughout the year.

Our 3 most popular exam routes were the Prague - Salzburg route, the Szczecin - Poznań route, and the Carlisle - Glasgow route! These made up around 43% of all exams taken throughout the year, meaning the route taken was more varied than the exam type chosen!

We can also see that failed examinations increased proportionally with the total number of examinations taken, when compared to 2021.

exam stats

exam stats 2


Events Team

2022 was a success in the Events Team as well! As a VTC, we attended 376 convoys this year, which is more than there are days in a year! In total, we had 26 days without a convoy, meaning we attended convoys on 93% of all days in the year.

Our average driver attendance can be seen to slightly fluctuate throughout the year, with its peak being just over 15 drivers in February 2022 for public convoys. However, our average driver attendance at public convoys remained constant, hovering at around 10 drivers.

In contrast, our prime-hosted convoy attendance was over double this, hovering at around 25 throughout the year.

The invitations we received as a VTC to attend events can be seen to increase throughout the year. However, the number of events we accepted to attend remained fairly constant. Overall, we accepted 37% of all invitations received.

event stats


Development Team

At the end of 2021 we released our brand new Drivers Hub, and in 2022 we kept improving it by fixing bugs and adding new content. In 2022 we did release the bonus system, but also the gallery system and many new staff related systems. We also updated the bot to a newer DiscordJS version, which also allowed us to move over to the slash-commands.

In 2023 we will mostly be focussing on releasing the new tracker, that has been created by Omnibyte and we will be working on a Drivers Hub V2.


Public Relations Team

Overall, 2022 was an incredibly successful year for the Public Relations Team. We received over 12,750 likes across our platforms combined! Our Team also put out a total of 461 posts on Social Media!

On the TruckersMP side, we put out 72 news posts, and uploaded 9 additional images to our VTC Gallery!

The largest take-away from the statistics is our ever increasing follower count. As shown below, our follower count continued to drastically increase throughout the year, which is great to see.

Hopefully 2023 will be an even more successful year!

PR stats



Thank you for reading this overview from 2022, and we hope that you will enjoy our quarterly newsletters!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team