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Read this article for a quick recap of 2023.


2023 In Words

In 2023, Prime continued to grow. Throughout the year, our staff team ensured the VTC operated smoothly and that can be shown throughout this Newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of our annual recap newsletters!



2023 was a great year for our Management Team. To start, we reintroduced Prime Merchandise following on from public suggestions after being gone for a while! On our merchandise store, you can find shirts, hoodies, mugs and more! If you’re interested, click here to take a look at our merchandise!

We also merged together all of our event servers into 1 centralized server called “Prime Events”. This server is used for both our Anniversary and New Year’s Events! If you want to join, click here.

Our final major project in the first half of the year was the Verified Streamer Programme. Working alongside our Media and Public Relations Teams, we completed a long-awaited and highly requested project, allowing our drivers to affiliate with us on their Twitch streams! Members of the programme get special roles and their live streams posted in a dedicated Discord channel! Interested? Head over to the #request-streamer channel on our Discord Server!.

Heading into the second half of the year, we started it off by reorganising our staff structure. First, all “Assistant Directors” were made “Directors” to clarify the equal responsibility both of these staff members hold. This helped to simplify our Chain of Command and eliminate confusion. Also, our General Manager’s were split into 2 distinct roles: the Chief Administrative Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer. This was done to distinguish between the responsibilities of each Manager and demonstrate the clear focus of each. Finally, the Development Director was renamed to the Chief Technology Officer. This was done as we have no plans currently to have a Development Team, and it demonstrates the clear focus of the CTO. Finally, we celebrated Prime’s 5th Anniversary. Opening in 2018, we did not ever expect the VTC to grow to the scale it has today!

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2023, and we hope you look forward to what we have to offer throughout 2024!


Human Resources

The Human Resources Team is the backbone of the VTC. They manage all issues related to drivers, all driver promotions, and much more. Below can be found some key statistics for the Team from 2023.

In 2023, drivers received a total of 1991 promotions. That means that every day, around 5 people reached a brand new rank in the VTC!

The Team received 3266 Job Approvals throughout the year, which includes manually logged jobs, suspicious jobs and reported jobs.

658 Leave of Absence requests by our drivers were successfully processed in 2023 for various personal reasons.

Most importantly, our driver count still increased in 2023, from 779 in December 2022, to 876 in December 2023, a 12.5% increase! This is 3.5% higher than our driver increase last year, and we have our eyes on reaching 1,000 drivers by the end of 2024! More key information about our driver count can be found in the Recruitment section below!

human resources stats


Recruitment Team

In 2023, we received 1446 applications. This is around 4 applications every day! Of those 1446 applications, 878 were accepted, meaning our acceptance rate was 60.72%. This is 1.64% lower than in 2022, meaning we accepted a lower proportion of people this year than last year.

We accepted 878 people into the VTC this year, but our driver count only rose by 97 drivers. This is due to many drivers leaving the VTC for various personal reasons.

recruitment stats


Events Team

2023 was another successful year for the Events Team. As a VTC, we attended 371 convoys this year, which is 5 less than last year, but still more than there are days in a year!

Our average driver attendance remained consistent throughout the year, at around 20-25 drivers at Prime Events, and 10 drivers at Public Events. This is similar to the trends we saw last year, where we had around double the attendance at Prime Events compared to Public Events.

The invitations we received as a VTC to attend events was fairly consistent throughout the year. Overall, we received 670 invitations, of which 225 were accepted. This works out to around a 34% acceptance rate which is in line with what we saw last year.

event stats



On the 1st of April, we released our new tracking software, TrackSim. TrackSim is our in-house developed tracking system that provides our drivers with a variety of statistics for every job they complete. You can find out more about TrackSim here

Throughout the rest of the year, we were hard at work on bringing our drivers a brand new Drivers Hub. This Drivers Hub provided enhanced loading speeds, a smoother experience, and set the groundwork for us to be able to develop new and exciting features for our drivers in the future. We released the new Drivers Hub on our 5th Anniversary, the 12th of October, and it has been a major success. Throughout October - December, we were hard at work on integrating further features from the previous version of the Drivers Hub, getting it into a state where we are able to build our new and exciting features. We can’t wait for you to see what we are working on throughout 2024!


Public Relations Team

Overall, 2023 was an incredibly successful year for the Public Relations Team. We received around 10,000 likes across our platforms combined! Our Team also put out a total of 474 posts on Social Media!

On the TruckersMP side, we put out 62 news posts related to events, our Picture of the Month competitions and much more!

As usual, the largest take-away from the statistics is our ever increasing follower count. We saw the same trends as last year, with our X/Twitter Account increasing more than Instagram/Facebook.

We also launched our Verified Streamer Programme this year! We received 55 applications to join the programme, of which 30 were accepted, meaning our acceptance rate was around 55%. The programme allows drivers to affiliate with us and use official Prime branding on their Twitch streams, and in return get a special role on our Discord Server/Drivers Hub and get their streams posted in a dedicated channel! We have some exciting news to share regarding the programme, so stay tuned for further information!

2023 was a success with continued growth, and we hope that 2024 will be just as successful. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!

PR stats


Examination Team

In 2023, we released 5 brand new routes for our drivers to take exams on. We also released 2 new examination types: the Grain Hopper Exam and the Transporter Exam!

Also, we remade all of the route images so that our drivers can more easily find out key information about the various routes they can take!

We hope drivers have enjoyed these changes and additions to examinations. We hope you enjoy what we have in store for 2024!


Media Team

2023 was a great year for the Media Team! On the assets side, we released special truck and trailer skins for Christmas, Halloween and our 5 Year Anniversary. We also updated our ATS skin pack with truck skins for the Western Star 5700xe and 57x. Finally, we released Steam Library Art that allows you to change the default ETS2 Steam Art to Prime themed ones!

On the photography side, we produced hundreds of photos from all of Prime’s Events, including weekly ETS2 Convoys, monthly ATS Convoys, and special events! If you want to view all our photos, take a look in the #prime-media channel on our Discord Server!.

We have lots in store for 2024, and we can’t wait for you to see!



Thank you for reading our 2023 At A Glance Newsletter, we hope you enjoyed reading the summary from our departments throughout the year.

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team