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Prime Logistics Newsletter | July 2022

It’s time for our next newsletter, we hope you’ll enjoy the read!


Staff of the Month

Rider joined the VTC over a year ago, and since then she worked her way up to Assistant Director of Media. Not only is she fulfilling that role, she's also logging jobs and attending convoys. She has a total of 180.000 points on the recorder, of which 44.000 event points. That's incredible to see! In her position as Asst. Director of Media she's doing a lot for the Media Team, and specifically for the Photography Team; this is reflected at our convoys, with an average of 3-4 media member each convoy!

Thank you for all the work you have done for the VTC, Rider! Keep rocking it!

SOTM picture


Driver of the Month

G0RILLASGLUE joined the VTC in January this year, and has since then already logged an incredible amount of 1.304.664 points. We have never seen anyone before ranking up so fast! He's already a Professional Driver and only needs 200.000 more points to get the highest rank. At this pace he'll pass BudokanTB in no-time. Next to that you'll also spot him in our drivers chat every now and then!

DOTM picture


Picture of the Month

An astonishing picture of Scary driving his bus near the TruckersMP headquarters.

POTM picture


Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.


Driver Updates

In July, we saw a massive increase in the number of applications received, from 115 in June, to 163 in July! Our acceptance rate increased to 67%.

Our driver count increased massively, from 664 in June, to 763 in July! This is as a result of the temporary removal of our activity requirements over the Summer, so our drivers don’t have to sit at their computers during this heat!

recruitment stats


Examinations Team

In July, we saw a large increase in the number of exams taken, from 52 in June, to 75 in July! The Prague-Salzburg route remained the most popular. The regular cargo exam also remained the most popular.

exam stats


Events Team

In July, we attended 32 convoys, of which 12 were public convoys. This is 1 less convoy attended compared to June. Unfortunately, 1 event was not logged this month.

We saw high average attendance per event, at 16 drivers. This increased attendance can be seen as a result of the points our drivers now receive for attending events, which was recently increased to 1000 per event!

Our highest attendance at an event was at our 132nd convoy, with 50 drivers attending.

event stats


Development Team

In July we released a highly requested feature, that has been worked on for a long time, the bonus point system! Not only did we release that, a bit later we also released our gallery system! Our drivers are now able to create albums with their most beautiful pictures, and the Media Team will do so too.

Also did we add some other features, like automatic driver promotions, a new departure system and more. Also did we do a rework of the job page.


Public Relations Team

In July, we saw quite a bit more red. However, this was because we had a lot of posts in June!

We continued to see positive growth on all our platforms. Our Twitter follower count increased drastically, likely due to the giveaway we hosted! We also saw drastic growth in the likes we received on our Facebook page, which is great to see.

Our Instagram saw few likes due to fewer posts, however our follower count increased a lot more compared to June.

Our TruckersMP page saw the same statistics as in June.

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

In July, we saw a lot of change on who was at the top of our leaderboards! Congratulations to everyone below who got to the top!


Congratulations on completing the longest job this month, 10,835km long! Impressive!


Congratulations on driving the most kilometres (140,498km), gaining the most points (152,501 points), and completing the most jobs! (131 jobs) Amazing work, keep it up!


Congratulations on attending the most events in July, 23 in total! Incredible!


Team Changes

[Driver] Colin joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] SirTrapSG joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Old Man has joined the Examination Team.
[Driver] J a n e k has joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] cyp has joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Arcangelgaming has joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] aleilgrande has joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Cam has joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] enphyte has joined the Media Team.
[Driver] Sharky. has joined the Media Team.
[Driver] Scary has joined the Media Team.
[Driver] Blue_Eyes has joined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Harry. has rejoined the Public Relations Team.

[Recruitment Team] Alex has transferred to Human Resources Team.

[Examination Team + Convoy Control Team] Abi has been promoted to Assistant Director of Examination Team.

[Convoy Control & Public Relations Team] OllieB steps down from PR due to personal reasons, but will remain as Convoy Control.
[HR + Examination + CC + Support] RagtagBoss has been removed from the Human Resources Team due to internal reasons, but they will remain in Examination, Convoy Control, and Support Teams.

[Media Team] [ITA] Alee_TMP steps down to Driver due to lack of time.



Thank you for reading this month's newsletter again, and we hope your ready for the next one!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team