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Prime Logistics Newsletter | July 2022

The newsletter was a bit later due to the rising temperatures. We would recommend everyone to hydrate yourself enough, and keep it cool!

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Staff of the Month

Congratulations Nathan on becoming Staff of the Month for July 2022ç

Nathan joined Prime a while ago, in August 2019 and rejoined in May 2021. He has been in multiple departments, but now is the Director of Development. He, quite literally, saved Prime as we wouldn't have such a beautiful and modern Drivers Hub when our previous Director left. Think of any function, and he has made it; even this embed has been made with a function he made on our Drivers Hub. Not only is he developing new stuff for both drivers and staff, he also helped with support when the new Drivers Hub, and the also new tracker.

We can't be thankful enough for all the work you have put into Prime, Nathan. Keep it up!

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Driver of the Month

Congratulations Enphyte on becoming Driver of the Month for July 2022!

Enphyte joined Prime around 6 months ago, and since then logged a total of 133.295 points which is an insane amount. Not only are they logging jobs, they also attended a lot of events. In May they even attended 18.000 points, which now equals 18 events. We can clearly see that Enphyte is wanting to represent Prime in the best way possible. Not only are they logging jobs, and attending events. Enphyte is always ready to have a chill chat with our drivers, and always have their camera ready to take a beautiful picture. We already have been able to admire them in our Picture of the Month competition.

Thank you for all the dedication you show towards Prime, Enpyte. We are really thankful for that and it's amazing to see. Keep it rocking!

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Picture of the Month

Congratulations ItsPhilii99 on winning June’s Picture of the Month competition! A very beautiful edited picture of ItsPhilii's Scania on the road.

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Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



We didn’t do much in June as we were working on some big projects that are set to be launched in July. So keep an eye open for that.


Driver Updates

In June, we saw a slight increase in the number of applications we received. However, we did see a noticeable decrease in the number of accepted applications compared to the previous month. This resulted in an overall lower acceptance rate.

Our driver count decreased slightly, from 672 drivers in May, to 664 drivers in June. This is the last activity check being completed until September, so we hope to see an increase in drivers for the following months.

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Examinations Team

In June, we saw a slight increase in the number of exams taken, from 49 in May, to 52 in June. The Prague - Salzburg route remained the most popular, however it is only by a small margin this time, compared to previous months.

The Regular Cargo exam remained the most popular. We also saw a slight increase in the average number of points per exam.

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Events Team

In June, we attended 33 convoys, of which 24 were public convoys. This is an increase in public convoy attendance, and a decrease in private convoys hosted by ourselves compared to last month.

Real Operations V13 saw a staggering 85 Prime drivers in attendance, doubling last month’s highest attendance at an event. This resulted in a higher average convoy attendance for the duration of the month.

Public convoy attendance, excluding Real Operations V13, remained consistent.

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Development Team

In June we got a long awaited feature, and that are the more detailed leaderboards and graphics.

Here you can see an example of the profile page graphic: image1

And these are the new monthly leaderboards, which also leads to a new section in this newsletter. image2

There were also many fixes, and small changes such as different colors for the different roles and more.


Public Relations Team

In June, we continued to see positive growth on all our platforms. However, our follower count of Instagram remained consistent, only increasing by 1 follower. We saw a large increase in likes on Instagram, however, as a result of 3 more posts compared to the previous month.

Our Facebook page is continuing to grow, likewise with our Twitter.

Our Twitter page saw a decrease in total likes, which may be due to a variety of factors.

Our TruckersMP page saw no gallery images added, but 2 more News posts compared to the previous month.

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

From this month onwards, we are adding a new section to our newsletter! Here, we will be mentioning drivers who have reached the top of the leaderboards on our DriversHub for a variety of reasons.


Congratulations on completing the longest job in June, a staggering 10,713km long! Impressive!


Congratulations on driving the most km (249,966km), obtaining the most points (253,466 points), and completing the most jobs (194 jobs) out of any driver in June! Incredible!


Congratulations on attending the most events in June, 25 in total! Amazing work!


Team Changes

[Assistant Director of Examinations] Ollie has been promoted to Director of Examinations.

[Media Team] Chris2306 additionally joined the Human Resources Team.
[Media Team] MurphyZ additionally joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Director of Development + Recruitment Team] Nathan leaves the Recruitment Team, but will remain in his position as Director of Development.
[Assistant Director of Media + HR Team + CC Team] Rider. leaves the Human Resources Team due to a lack of time, she will however stay in the Convoy Control Team and within her position as Assistant Director of Media.

[Examination Team] Stale leaves the staff team due to personal reasons.
[Convoy Control Team] ScanvaUK has left the Staff Team.
[Convoy Control Team] Billy Henderson leaves the VTC due to personal reasons.
[Director of Examinations] Tacos has stepped down as Director, and left the VTC.



Thank you for reading June’s newsletter, and stay hydrated!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team