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Prime Logistics Newsletter | November 2021

Hello everyone, December is here which means it's time for the newsletter of last month!

It has been quite a calm month as the development team was very busy working on the new Drivershub, which has been released a couple of days ago.



Staff of the Month

Please congratulate RagtagBoss on becoming Staff of the Month for December 2021!

Ragtag joined Prime in July 2020, which is over a year ago. Since then he has logged a total of 274 jobs, which equals a total of 245.291 kilometres. Ragtag has been really active as a driver and was always chatting with our drivers, and on the 26th of May he joined the staff team as a Convoy Control. Later he transferred to the Human Resources Team, and he recently also joined the Examination Team. He's always there to help a driver out when needed, and still loves to have a chat with the public and our drivers. When our tracker went down he answered many questions from our drivers and helped, together with the HR team, to check all the manual submitted jobs.

Thanks for all the work you've done in Prime, Ragtag. We can not thank you enough!



Driver of the Month

Please congratulate Scanva Diesel A/S on becoming Driver of the Month for December 2021!

Scanva first joined Prime in April 2021 and has since then logged over 70.000 kilometres and logged a total of 100 jobs! Despite the tracker problems, Scanva still continues to log his jobs manually. Scanva is not only logging a lot of miles, but is also very active in our Discord server. He's always welcoming the new people, or is having a chat with the public and our drivers. You might have also spotted one of his beautiful pictures he likes to take which we were able to admire in our Picture of the Month competition, or in our media channel.

Thanks for showing so much dedication towards Prime, Scanva! We really appreciate it and keep rocking it!



Picture of the Month

Congrats ItsPhilii99 on winning November's Picture of the Month with a total of 49 upvotes! An astonishing picture of you driving your truck through the snowy roads in American Truck Simulator.



Picture of the Month [Staff]

Congrats Andreas on winning the staff's Picture of the Month competition with a beautiful picture taken at the end of our weekly convoy!



Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.


Driver Updates

In November we received a total of 79 applications, of which 37 got accepted; this is almost 3 application per day. We also had 14 retired drivers rejoining the VTC, and a total of 32 drivers leaving the VTC. Our total driver count increased from 651 drivers at the end of October to 664 drivers at the end of November.

rec stats


Examinations Team

In November we saw an increase in request exam, from 19 in October to 30 in November. We can clearly see that people find their way into SCS's convoy mode, the amount of request exams on TruckersMP stayed the same, but the amount of requested exams on convoy mode increased from 2 to 13. The passing rate stayed the same, but the amount of average points increased to 4.39 per exam.

As mentioned before there are some big changes coming up, you may expect them in the beginning of 2022.

exam stats


Events Team

We attended a total of 27 events in November, of which 11 were hosted by ourself. This also included our hundredth convoy, where we saw 32 driver attend and together with the public we had a total of 168 people attend. We hope to see an increase of people attending our events next month as we will now be awarding our drivers who are attending events, but stayed for the next month's newsletter to read more about that.

event stats


Development Team

In November the development team has been very busy with finishing the Drivershub, and it getting tested by the staff members. This to launch our new Drivershub and new tracker in December. We did only one leak during this period which can be found here.


Public Relations Team

In November we saw a significant decrease in the amount of posts, and likes received on our posts. This is caused because October was a very busy month with our third year anniversary event; then we did multiple posts on one day. But nevertheless we can be proud of these numbers, as we still receive a good amount of likes on our posts and our follower-count keeps increasing.

PR stats


Team Changes

Effinghamjnr has been promoted from Senior Human Resources to Director of Human Resources.
Nathan has been promoted from Senior Development Team to Director of Development Team.
Joshua has been promoted to Senior Public Relations.

RagtagBoss has joined the Examination Team as an additional role.
RandomWelshGuy has joined the Convoy Control Team as an additional role.
Harry has joined the Examination Team as an additional role.

Toby has rejoined the Convoy Control Team.

Torben has joined the Convoy Control Team.
SirLynx has joined the Media Team.
JohnnySpudFace has joined the Media Team, a few days later he got suspended from the team due to internal reasons.

David, previously General Manager, left the team.

Wraith left the Public Relations Team but will remain in the Human Resources Team.
RagtagBoss left the Convoy Control Team but will remain in the Human Resources Team and Examinations Team.

Dan Harvey has been suspended from the Examinations Team due to internal reasons.



Thanks for reading this month's newsletter. We didn't had much special going on this month, but this will be compensated next month with an extra big newsletter. Stay tuned for that!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team