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Prime Logistics Newsletter | November 2022

It’s timeeeee to meet the players, oh no, wrong text. It’s timeeeeee for our newest newsletter.

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Picture of the Month

Congratulations to Aligatoor on winning November's Picture of the Month competition with a total of 58 upvotes! A very beautiful festive picture.

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Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



Last month we successfully launched our new singleplayer division. This means that users are not required to have a TruckersMP account anymore when wanting to join the VTC. Our current drivers automatically joined the Multiplayer division, but have the option to transfer to the singleplayer division. Most things are the same, except that the singleplayer division can not represent us on TruckersMP, can not take exams on TruckersMP and can not log jobs through TruckersMP.

We also did a poll about the future of Staff and Driver of the Month. We gathered the results and you might want to keep an eye open for any changes at the start of 2023.


Driver Updates

In November, our driver count only increased by 1, from 804 to 805. This is as a result of inactivity checks being enforced, and drivers not meeting our requirements being removed. Even though our driver count only increased by 1, we still welcomed 81 new people into the VTC!

The amount of applications we received decreased by around 5%, from 136 in October, to 129 in November.

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Examinations Team

In November, the total number of exams taken decreased by 20%, from 80 to 64. The Prague - Salzburg route remained the most popular, and the regular cargo exam remained the most popular, but by a larger margin compared to the previous month. The overall passing rate remained consistent.

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Events Team

In November, we attended 35 convoys, of which 23 were public convoys, and 12 were Prime-hosted convoys. All events were logged this month. Overall, we saw a significant decrease in overall Prime attendance across all events, from 20 on average in October, to 14 on average in November. However, this is because of our anniversary convoy in October, where 90 drivers attended!

Our highest attended event this month was Real Operations V14, with 42 drivers attending.

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Development Team

The development team published an update regarding the new division system, but next to that they also released the alpha version of notifications. This both through a browser and through Discord. We also updated the contact and support slightly regarding event invitations. If someone wants to invite Prime to their convoy they can simply press that button, and then it’ll ask them for the event link, and any additional information. The invite will then be directly send to our event directors to get reviewed.

Additionally the development has been and is working hard behind the scenes. Development of new features has slowed due to starting development on Version 2 of our Drivers Hub. The development team's aim with this version is to bring a more efficient and fast loading Drivers Hub which is easier for our drivers to use.


Public Relations Team

In November, we saw a lot of areas with decreased performance compared to October. This is as a result of our anniversary convoy in October, where 26 posts were sent across each of our Social Media Platforms. This is the reason why we saw a large drop off in likes across all platforms. However, we still saw follower gains on all platforms. Notably, our Instagram account is now once again increasing in followers, so where we saw in prior months a decrease in followers, this appears to have changed.

When compared to prior months before October, we performed around the same.

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

In November, we saw some returning names! Congratulations to everyone below who got to the top!


Congratulations on driving the most KM (131,244KM), earning the most points (135,308), and completing the most jobs (151)! Outstanding work, keep it up!


Congratulations on once again attending the most events, 26 in total! Great work!


Team Changes

[Driver] XBGxmer joined the Public Relations Team.
[Driver] Fabi joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] SilentNinja joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] zynx joined the Media Team.
[Driver] Jorjito39 joined the Media Team.
[Driver] Gustavo Assis joined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Hubs. joined the Public Relations Team.
[Retired Staff Member] Amy. has rejoined the Media Team.

[Media Team + Convoy Control Team] MurphyZ joined the Examination Team as an additional role.
[Convoy Control Team] Janek joins Human Resources Team, while remaining as Convoy Control Team.

[Convoy Control Team] Purrie has left the Staff Team and VTC due to personal reasons.
[Convoy Control Team] Nicokay has left the Staff Team and VTC due to personal reasons.
[Convoy Control Team] 18wheeler has left the Staff Team and VTC due to personal reasons. We thank them for their support to the VTC since 2019.
[Convoy Control] Sjovn has left the VTC due to personal reasons.
[Media Team + Support Team] Andrés k leaves the team due to lack of time.
[Human Resources Team] vldv44_ leaves the Staff Team and VTC due to personal reasons.
[Convoy Control Team] Antzz has left the Staff Team and VTC due to lack of interest.



Thanks for reading!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team