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Prime Logistics Newsletter | October 2022

Here we are again, with a lovely newsletter for you. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Picture of the Month

An impressive and spooky picture of ItsPhilii99. Congratulations ItsPhilii99!

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Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



In October we celebrated our four year anniversary with an event, on which more can be read in the event team updates. Next to that our CEO, Matt, also did a special stream regarding something big changing in the future. This stream can be accessed through the following LINK, and we can only recommend you to watch it.


Driver Updates

In October, we saw slightly more applications compared to September. Our acceptance rate also saw a slight drop, however across the board we remained near consistent.

It’s also finally time to talk about activity requirements! During the Summer, our drivers did not have to complete our monthly quota. In September, this was reinforced. Overall, our driver count decreased from 862 to 804, a 6.7% decrease. This is a lot lower than we had anticipated, and it’s great to see our driver count remain at over 800 people! We hope that from now on our driver count will once again start to increase.

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Examinations Team

In October, exams taken remained consistent overall. The overall passing rate remained constant as well, at 73%. Once again, the Prague - Salzburg route was the most popular, and the regular cargo exam remained the most popular, however by smaller margins compared to September.

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Events Team

In October, we saw an increase in our average convoy attendance! This is from 24 in September, to 30 in October, a 25% increase! We therefore saw increased attendance at both Prime convoys and Public convoys.

This increase is likely as a result of our anniversary convoy. 90 people from Prime attended the convoy! A massive thank you to everyone who helped prepare and carry out the convoy, as well as a thank you to everyone who attended!

Overall, attendance at our anniversary convoy this year was in line with last year’s attendance! We can’t wait to see you all again next year for our 5th anniversary!

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Development Team

In October we published updates for the public site, Discord bot and Drivers Hub. It was mostly minor changes, and also some preparations for something big. Keep your eyes open for that.

Additionally we also got a timeline on our public site, which can be seen HERE.


Public Relations Team

October was our most successful month yet within the Public Relations Team. We saw massive growth on all of our Social Media Platforms, as a result of our 4 year anniversary celebrations! 26 posts were put up across all our Social Platforms, which resulted in incredibly high like counts, and increased follower counts. However, this does mean next month will see a lot of red areas, but this is to be expected after such a successful month.

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Driver Leaderboards

In October, we saw a returning figure, as well as a new person who reached the top of the leaderboards! Congratulations to both of the people below who got to the top!


Congratulations on driving the most kilometers (144,018km), earning the most points (157,270 points), AND completing the most jobs out of any driver in October (175 jobs)! This is an amazing achievement, well done!


Congratulations on once again attending the most events in October, a grand total of 28! Keep up the great work!


Team Changes

[Driver] Lamb Sauce III joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Sjovn joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Nicokay joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] DorkulusDaddum joined the Convoy Control Team.
[Driver] Purrie joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Alee_TMP rejoined the Media Team.
[Driver] RagtagBoss has been reinstated within the Convoy Control Team.

[Media Team] Andres K joined the Support Team as an additional role.
[Media Team] Bluca joined the Support Team as an additional role.
[Recruitment Team + Public Relations Team] goshkata58 has joined the Event Team as an additional role.
[Examination Team] Bat-Man has joined the Convoy Control Team as an additional role.
[Media Team] Scary joined the Convoy Control Team as an additional role.

[Assistant Director of Examinations] Abi leaves the Convoy Control Team due to lack of time, she will however remain as Assistant Director
[Human Resources Team + Media Team] Chris2306 has left the Media Team, but will remain within the Human Resources Team.
[Recruitment Team + Convoy Control Team] OllieB has left the Convoy Control Team due to lack of time. They will however remain within the Recruitment Team.
[Assistant Director of Media + Event Team + Convoy Control Team] Rider has left the Event Team due to lack of time. They will remain in their other roles.

[Event Team + Convoy Control Team] tp1592 has left the staff team due to lack of time.
[Recruitment Team + Examination Team] SimmerRyan leaves the VTC due to lack of time.
[Media Team + Examination Team] Amy. leaves Prime Logistics due to personal reasons.



Thanks for reading!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team