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Prime Logistics Newsletter | Q2 2023

Read this article for a recap of everything that happened between April and June in Prime!

Banner picture

Banner Image taken by ColinShark


Picture of the Month


Our April edition of the Picture of the Month competition had no theme which was won by HDLight_CZE with 28 upvotes with a beautiful image of them using our custom singleplayer truck skin mod for the Freightliner with a stunning mountain range added in the background!

April POTM winning picture


May’s edition of the competition had the theme of “rainbows” for the following month’s celebration which was Pride Month! nilsie12 submitted the winning photo with 35 upvotes which includes a rainbow themed truck and trailer combination.

May POTM winning picture


As we enter the summer months in Europe, the theme for June’s edition was the sun! [ESP] RenaultMeganeRS encapsulated this in their submission with them driving with the sun rising which got them 22 upvotes.

June POTM winning picture


Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



In Q2, we kept on top of the suggestions coming in from VTC members and public members of the VTC whilst dealing with our routine duties such as LOA requests, internal meetings and dealing with management tickets.

In April, we brought back the Prime Logistics official merchandise store! We worked with our Media Director Rider to create new designs including custom t-shirts, hoodies and even a water bottle! You can purchase merchandise today here.

As well as this, following a suggestion, we decided to merge together our event Discord Servers. We originally had a Discord Server for our Anniversary Event and our New Year's Event. However, to keep information centralised and keep things compact, we merged the servers into one “Prime Events'' server. You can join today here.

The last major thing we introduced in Q2 was the Verified Streamer Programme. Working with the Media Team and Public Relations Team, we finally completed our long-term project for drivers being able to apply to be a “Verified Streamer” of Prime Logistics. This allows active streamers in our VTC to represent Prime Logistics in their stream whilst getting a message in our Discord Server whenever they go live!

Most of our work continues to focus on improving internal workflows and ensuring incoming suggestions get implemented successfully!


Driver Updates

In Q2 2023, we received 416 applications, of which 266 were accepted. This is quite a large increase in the number of applications when compared to Q1 where we received 328 applications. This is back in line with the number of applications we received in Q4 2022, therefore there is nothing of concern and Q1 is likely just an anomaly.

Our driver count increased from 739 in March to 809 in June, a 9.5% increase.

recruitment stats


Events Team

Q2 2023 was just as successful as Q1 2023, if not more. In Q2, we only had 3 days without a convoy. We also attended 101 convoys, which is 8 more than in Q1.

Our average attendance at Prime Convoys was slightly higher this quarter when compared to Q1.

The number of invitations we received remained fairly constant, with the acceptance rate slightly increasing.

event stats


Development Team

The Development Team successfully implemented our brand new game tracking software, TrackSim, this quarter. Bug fixes and general maintenance were the primary work completed during Q2. They are currently working on adding some new features such as game overlay notifications and improving the reliability of the tracker.

Behind the scenes, the Development Team remains to work on a new version of the Drivers Hub which we look forward to releasing with further information regarding this in Q3 of 2023.


Public Relations Team

In Q2, we launched the Verified Streamer Programme. This is a programme where our drivers can represent us on Twitch for some unique incentives. The Public Relations Team monitors this programme. Statistics relating to this programme can now be found in the graphic.

In Q2 2023, we hired 3 new staff members, and we also lost 1 staff member.

Q2 was a lot more successful than Q1, as can be clearly seen below. All areas (Excluding TruckersMP gallery) are green, meaning growth when compared to the prior quarter. This is great when compared to Q1 where we saw a lot of red areas (Areas in decline compared to the prior quarter).

We have noticed that posts with photos taken by our drivers or staff members gain a lot more post interaction. Therefore, you should be seeing a lot more of these posts across your Social Media feeds within Q3. We will see how this affects our average post interaction values.

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

We’ve summed up the leaderboards between April and June. The people who made it to the top this quarter can be found below! Congratulations!


Congratulations on attending the most events this quarter, a total of 66! That’s 65% of all convoys we attended, great work!


Congratulations on earning the most points (403,280 points) AND driving the most distance (379,824km) out of any of our drivers. Outstanding work!

Alfie Rees

Congratulations on completing the most jobs this quarter, a total of 302! Great work!


Congratulations on completing the longest job this quarter, a grand total of 123,512km! Incredible!


Key Statistics

Below can be found some job statistics in Q2 2023!

Most delivered cargo

Cut Flowers were the most delivered cargo this quarter, with a total of 1164 deliveries being made!

Favourite departure city

Calais remained the favourite departure city for jobs, with a total of 2067!

Favourite destination city

Calais remained the favourite destination city for jobs, with a total of 2237!

Favourite departure company

LKW remained the favourite departure company for jobs, with a total of 2057!

Favourite destination company

LKW remained the favourite destination company for jobs, with a total of 2261!


Team Changes

[Driver] Codeize joined the Public Relations Team.

[Driver] Cal joined the Public Relations Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Alex joined the Public Relations Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Scary has rejoined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Hirurex has rejoined the Examination Team.

[Convoy Control Team] SirTrapSG will be joining Examination Team as an additional role.

[Assistant Director of Media + Human Resources Team] Rider has joined the Examination Team as an additional role.

[Recruitment Team + Event Team + Convoy Control Team + Public Relations Team] goshkata58 has decided to leave Public Relations Team due to lack of motivation.

[Director of Events + Support Team] Andreas steps down from Support Team due to lack of time. They will however remain as Director of Events.

[Examination + Convoy Control Team] Bat-Man steps down from Examination Team due to lack of time. They will however remain as Convoy Control.

[Human Resources Team + Convoy Control Team] DorkulusDaddum has left Convoy Control Team due to lack of time. They will however remain within the Human Resources Team.

[Human Resources Team + Examination Team] TheHighFiveMike will be leaving the Examination Team due to lack of time. They will however remain within the Human Resources Team.

[Recruitment Team + Examination Team + Convoy Control Team] Ragtag has rejoined the Human Resources Team and subsequently has left the Recruitment Team. They have also stepped down from Examination Team but shall remain in the Convoy Control Team.

[Recruitment Team + Convoy Control Team + Support Team] oli has decided to step down from Convoy Control Team due to lack of time. They will however remain within the Recruitment Team and Support Team.

[Assistant Director of Human Resources + Public Relations Team] ChocoNoodles steps down from the Public Relations Team whilst remaining in their Assistant Director of Human Resources role.

[Convoy Control Team] Signore Luca has decided to leave the VTC due to personal reasons.

[Media Team] TheDuchess_ temporarily leaves the VTC due to personal reasons.

[Convoy Control Team] aleilgrande has left the Staff Team due to lack of time.

[Event Team + Media Team] MurphyZ leaves the staff team due to personal reasons.

[Convoy Control Team] 18Wheeler will be stepping down from the Staff Team due to lack of time.



Thank you for reading this newsletter, and we hope to see you in the next quarter!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team