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Prime Logistics Newsletter | Q3 2023

Read this article for a recap of everything that happened between July and September in Prime!

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Picture of the Month


The triumphant photo for this month's competition is brought to us by κιwι., earning an impressive 29 upvotes! The captivating image features their MAN truck adorned with our stunning sunrise livery, gracefully journeying through the picturesque European landscape on a partly cloudy day.

July POTM winning picture


Congratulations nilsie12 with an amazing picture of a MACK semi, hauling Prime goods.

August POTM winning picture


Congrats Kodak737, a very scary picture. 👻

September POTM winning picture


Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



We have reviewed our internal staff team structure and decided to change it slightly for a more efficient way of working.

Change #1 - Management restructure
We are splitting the general manager role into two new positions: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

CAO: Budokan will step into this role to supervise the directors of human resources, recruitment and examination teams, focusing on the daily operations of the VTC. CMO: Branko will step into this role to supervise the directors of public relations, media and event teams, focusing on the marketing and social aspects of the VTC.

These changes will not affect the core management group and responsibilities but will set a clear focus internally.

Change #2 - Removal of 'assistant' roles Since the original senior staff roles were renamed, the assistant director role has adapted to be a full-time acting director of a team that works with the existing director. We will merge these roles to clarify the equal responsibilities between these roles. This change will simplify the structure and eliminate confusion.

Change #3 - Renaming of the development director role We will rename the development director role to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This change reflects the specific technical needs of our community and better aligns with the role's focus, as there are no active plans for a Development Team. This role will not be a part of the management team; however, this position shall report straight to the CEO.

This also comes with a new, or rather updated Chain of Command (CoC).



Driver Updates

In Q3, we received 367 applications, of which 199 were accepted. This is a decrease of around 10% compared to Q2. The number of applications we received were between what we received in Q1 and Q2, so we can see that the number of applications we receive fluctuates. Our acceptance rate remained close to our acceptance rate in Q2.

Our driver count decreased from 809 to 768, which is around a 5% decrease.

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Events Team

In Q3, we attended 91 convoys, of which 23 were hosted by ourselves. This is a decrease from Q2, where we attended 101 convoys. Similarly, we saw 7 days without a convoy, which is a lot higher compared to prior quarters.

Event attendance by Prime drivers was not as consistent as during Q2 at Prime hosted Events. However, overall attendance at Prime hosted Events was higher than in Q2.

The invitation acceptance rate remained constant.

In Q4, we will be hosting our 5th anniversary convoy. This will be a key area focussed on in Q4’s Newsletter.

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Development Team

We are thrilled to announce that our development team is currently working on version 2 of the Drivers Hub, which promises to be a significant improvement over the current version. With this new version, we are reengineering the Drivers Hub from the ground up with our goal being to complete any requested new features, speed up the general usage of the site and use a modern framework which will improve development time. In this announcement, we will discuss the upcoming changes and what you can expect from the new version.

Faster and More Efficient One of the main goals of version 2 of the Drivers Hub is to speed up the general usage of the site. We understand that the existing Drivers Hub can be frustrating to use at times, and we want to make sure that the site is as efficient as possible. We are working on optimising the site's performance, reducing load times, and improving overall responsiveness. These changes will make it easier and faster for you to access the information you need and the new Drivers Hub will even allow you to access different pages without refreshing!

Improved Features The new version of Drivers Hub will come with improved features that will make the site more user-friendly and efficient. Some of the features that we are working on include an updated and more intuitive user interface, new profile features including the user information section and profile banner. It will also bring further updates to the downloads section with screenshots of mods before you download them. More changes are in the works that we will share with you further down the line.

Rolling out the new version Whilst version 2 is currently in development, relevant team members are testing the appropriate systems that are being created. Our current goal is to develop all sections relevant for the drivers area to work alongside the existing version of the Drivers Hub for internal systems. This will allow drivers to experience the new and improved Drivers Hub sooner whilst we work on migrating the internal systems onto the new version. Nearer to the initial launch of version 2, we will be entering a testing phase which will include all team members and Prime Plus supporters being able to test out the new version of the Drivers Hub. After we ensure all major bugs are fixed, we will look to release Drivers Hub v2 to all drivers! On initial launch to all drivers of version 2, not all of the requested features will be fully developed as we migrate over to the new version. However, we will be looking to incrementally add new features after migrating all internal systems.

Conclusion We hope you are excited as we are about the upcoming changes to the Drivers Hub. Version 2 promises to be a significant improvement over the current version, with improved features and faster performance. Our current target for the initial release of version 2 is this autumn. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!


Public Relations Team

In Q3, we increased the number of posts with photos taken by our staff or drivers, after seeing how well they performed during Q2. As can be seen by the statistics, we received substantially more post interaction in Q3. This is especially prevalent on Instagram, where we usually see x3/4 more likes on these posts compared to posts with convoy information. This is why Instagram has seen such a large spike in likes.

As expected, after the initial release of our Verified Streamer Programme, we received fewer applications this quarter.

Overall, this quarter was very positive, just like in Q2. Q4 is likely to be our biggest quarter yet as a result of our anniversary celebrations, which will be discussed in the next newsletter.

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

We’ve summed up the leaderboards between July and September. Congratulations to those who got to the top!


Congratulations on attending the most events this quarter, a total of 57! Amazing work!


Congratulations on completing the longest job this quarter, totalling 29,379km! Outstanding!


Congratulations on completing the most jobs this quarter, a grand total of 337! Great work!


Congratulations on driving the furthest distance (326,729km) and earning the most points (427,999 points). Brilliant!


Key Statistics

In Q3, our leaderboards remained the same in some places, but changed in others!

Most delivered cargo

This quarter, Medical Vaccines were the most delivered cargo, with 1087 deliveries!

Favourite departure city

Calais once again remained the most popular departure city, with 1986 jobs taken.

Favourite destination city

Once again, Calais topped the leaderboard, with 2479 deliveries made.

Favourite departure company

Just like in Q2, LKW had the most jobs taken from it, totalling 1938.

Favourite destination city

Again, LKW topped the leaderboard, with 2357 deliveries made.


Team Changes

[Driver] Esdeath has joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Driver] JohnTheProTrucker16 has joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Driver] Mirage2357 has joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Driver] KolenoNakashi has joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Driver] Deform has joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Driver] nilsie12 has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] ThatDev_ has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] NexusMEISTER joined the Examinations Team.

[Driver] VettelxF1 joined the Examinations Team.

[Driver] ChromiaCat joined the Convoy Control Team

[Driver] Filip | SRB joined the Examinations Team

[Driver] rmtc joined the Examination Team.

[Driver] DarkLady96 has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] ScottishJudge has joined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Lamb Sauce III has rejoined the Convoy Control Team.

[Examination Team] ash.exe will be joining the Recruitment Team in a Full Transfer.

[Public Relations Team] XBGxmer will be joining the Convoy Control Team as an additional role.

[Assistant Director of Recruitment] Akif has joined the Support Team as an additional role.

[Human Resources Team + Convoy Control Team] Ragtag has rejoined the Support Team as an additional role.

[Media Team] Enphyte have transferred to the Event Team.

[Examination Team] Hirurex has joined the Support Team as an additional role.

[Convoy Control Team] Robert1547 has left the Staff Team and VTC, due to lack of motivation.

[Examination Team + Convoy Control Team] SirTrapSG has left the VTC due to lack of time.

[Convoy Control Team] Bat-Man has left the Staff Team and VTC due to lack of motivation.

[Public Relations Team] Alex steps down to Driver due to personal reasons.

[Media Team] TheDuchess steps down to driver due to personal reasons.

[Media Team] Scary leaves the VTC due to lack of motivation.

[Media Team + Support Team] Bluca has left the team due to lack of time.



A lot happened this quarter! We hope to see you again next quarter where we’ll dive into the Anniversary and our new Drivers Hub!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team