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Prime Logistics Newsletter | Q4 2023

Read this article for a recap of everything that happened between October and December in Prime!

Banner image taken by L4CHT4N.


Picture of the Month


In October, our Picture of the Month competition did not have a theme. Therefore, people could come up with a picture of whatever they liked! In the end, Ghostly came out on top with 35 votes, with a photo of a Prime truck driving along a rocky road!

October POTM winning picture


Our November competition was themed around Christmas, so people came up with their most festive and snowy photos! Alexxxxiiisssssss came out on top with a photo of a Prime truck in the snow, hauling a sleigh!

November POTM winning picture


December had no theme, so our drivers had full reign over their photo choice! Nomad won with a photo of a Prime truck driving along a road going under a viaduct!

December POTM winning picture


Department Updates

Prime is running so smoothly due to all the work every department does, that's why we'll be giving an update from some of the departments.



What a busy quarter it has been, celebrating Halloween, Christmas and, most importantly, Prime’s 5 Year Anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s been five years already! We kicked off Q4 by celebrating this major milestone for Prime Logistics, half a decade worth of awesome adventures and we're looking forward to the next 5 years. Thank you to everyone who has been around for this journey, from joining last week to joining 5 years ago – your support is appreciated. Without it, we wouldn’t exist!

This quarter, we have been primarily focusing on catching up on internal processes. We’ve been sifting through your suggestions and getting them up on our internal kanban boards. This makes sure we know what we’re doing to keep our community running smoothly!

On the public front, things may seem a bit quiet but don’t let that fool you! Plenty has been happening internally to keep the staff team efficient, including some upcoming changes for 2024.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’ve got our sights set on tackling some overdue projects on our management to-do list, including tasks that have been neglected for longer than they should have been!


Driver Updates

In Q4, our Recruitment Team received 335 applications, of which 220 were accepted, resulting in an acceptance rate of around 65%. When compared to Q4 2022, this is around a 20% decrease.

However, in contrast, our driver count rose from 768 in September to 876 in December, a 14% increase.

recruitment stats


Events Team

In Q4 2023, our Events Team hosted our 5 Year Anniversary Convoy. This Convoy was once again a major success, with other 300 people attending the convoy. We’d like to thank everyone who attended the convoy, as without you, our events would not be possible! We would also like to thank all staff who helped administer, organise and run the event.

At our 5 Year Anniversary Event, we held a Truckfest as well with hundreds of people in attendance, giving out loads of prizes to members/VTC’s in the community. Thank you to everyone who attended the Truckfest before the convoy!

Now, moving onto Q4 as a whole, Prime attendance at convoys as a whole was in line with what we saw in Q3 2023. Overall attendance at most Prime events were lower compared to Q3 2023.

event stats


Development Team

As we journeyed through the final quarter of 2023, we were thrilled to share with you the strides we've made and the exciting path that lies ahead for the Drivers Hub. Your insights and enthusiasm have been pivotal in shaping our platform, and we're eager to keep you updated on our progress and plans.

Let's begin with a toast to a major accomplishment - the launch of Version 2 of the Drivers Hub on October 12th! This new iteration brang enhanced speed, user-friendly features, and an overall smoother experience. We're overjoyed by the positive feedback from our community and are glad to see you enjoying the improvements.

Every big launch comes with its own set of challenges, and ours was no exception. We encountered some initial bugs, but our team worked swiftly to resolve these issues, ensuring a stable and efficient experience for all our users.

Looking forward, we're excited to announce that we're already laying the groundwork for Version 1.1.0, slated for release in Q1 of 2024. This update will primarily migrate old staff modules from the legacy Drivers Hub to set the stage for a significant phase in our development journey.

The release of Version 1.1.0 is not just an update; it's a gateway to an array of new possibilities. Once this version is live, we'll be in a stronger position to start developing and rolling out new features that will benefit both our drivers and staff. To tease some features on our development board, we’re looking into an enhanced download section, a revised leaderboard system and a new driver ‘goal’ system.

Keep up to date with the latest developments on Discord and through all our Social Media Pages to see what we’re working on next. Make sure to join Prime Plus to get early access to the features we’re working on in their beta phase! Click here to join!


Public Relations Team

Q4 2023 was our biggest quarter of the year as a result of the Prime 5 Year Anniversary Celebrations. During the week leading up to the event, we put out a large amount of posts providing fun facts, convoy information, giveaway information and much more, and these posts were well received by the community.

Our 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway, hosted on Gleam, received over 600 entries. Congratulations to those who won!

In our statistics, found below, you can see clear growth on all of our major Social Media Platforms. One area to note is the extreme amount of follower gain on Twitter / X this quarter when compared to previous quarters, which may in part be due to our anniversary celebrations, but also in part due to the increased usage and presence of the platform in recent months.

Our Instagram page once again led the race in the number of likes we received, reaching nearly 2500, which is amazing to see.

Our Facebook page also saw an immense increase in the number of likes received on our posts, almost doubling!

Finally, our Verified Streamer Programme saw nearly double the number of applications this quarter. We have some exciting news regarding the programme to share soon, so make sure to look out for that!

Soon, we will be putting out a 2023 Recapped Newsletter, highlighting everything we achieved within the VTC in 2023. We hope you look forward to reading it!

PR stats


Driver Leaderboards

We’ve summed up the leaderboards between October and December. Congratulations to those who got to the top!


Congratulations on attending the most events this quarter. You attended a total of 46 events, which is basically one every other day! An amazing achievement.

Trucker Boy 1998

Congratulations on completing the longest job this quarter, totalling 12,074 km! That’s longer than the distance between Japan and New York! Outstanding!

Sander EE

Congratulations on completing the most jobs this quarter, a grand total of 326! That works out to more than 3 jobs a day! Great work!


Congratulations on driving the furthest distance (291,584km) and earning the most points (557,262 points). That’s around 3000 km a day! Brilliant!


Key Statistics

In Q4, our leaderboards remained the same in some places, but changed in others!

Most delivered cargo

This quarter, Halloween Treats were the most delivered cargo, with 2176 deliveries!

Favourite departure city

Calais once again remained the most popular departure city, with 1904 jobs taken.

Favourite destination city

Once again, Calais topped the leaderboard, with 2248 deliveries made.

Favourite departure company

Just like in Q3, LKW had the most jobs taken from it, totalling 1825.

Favourite destination city

Again, LKW topped the leaderboard, with 2040 deliveries made.


Team Changes

[Driver] Leo has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] vechte has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] Almeida has joined the Media Team.

[Driver] TheSmokey has joined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] MurphyZ rejoined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] refloix has rejoined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] Andrew K has rejoined the Media Team.

[Retired Staff Member] DarkLady96 has rejoined the Media Team.

[Examination Team] VettelxF1 has joined the Recruitment Team as an additional role.

[Director of Events] Chloe joined the Examination Team as an additional role.

[Director of Examinations] Abi additionally joins the Recruitment Team, while remaining as Director of Examinations.

[Director of Human Resources] ChocoNoodles additionally joined the Convoy Control Team.

[Public Relations Team] Codeize joins the Human Resources Team as an additional role.

[Public Relations Team] Cal joins the Human Resources Team as an additional role.

[Human Resources Team + Convoy Control Team + Support Team] Ragtag will be transferring to Examination Team, and while doing so leaving Convoy Control Team and Support Team.

[Director of Examination Team + Convoy Control Team] Welshy has transferred from Convoy Control Team to Event Team.

[Director of Media] Rider transfers from Human Resources to Recruitment Team, while remaining as Director of Media.

[Director of Human Resources + Convoy Control Team] ChocoNoodles leaves the Convoy Control Team whilst remaining as Director of Human Resources.

[Director of Media + HR Team + Exam Team] Rider will be leaving the Examination Team due to lack of time, but will remain within the Human Resources Team and as Director of Media.

[Director of Public Relations + Recruitment Team] Joshua steps down from the Recruitment Team whilst remaining as Director of Public Relations.

[Human Resources + Examination Team] RagtagBoss leaves the Examination Team whilst remaining in Human Resources.

[Human Resources + Public Relations Team] Cal leaves the Public Relations Team due to lack of time while remaining as Human Resources.

[Convoy Control Team] Mirage leaves the staff team due to lack of time.

[Convoy Control Team] View25 steps down to Driver due to lack of time. We'd like to thank them for almost 2 years of support as staff.

[Director of Recruitment] szykaro23 steps down to driver due to a lack of time. We thank them for over 2 years of work in the recruitment team!

[Examination Team] NexusMEISTER steps down to driver due to personal reasons.

[Examination Team + Media Team] Ariana steps down to driver due to personal reasons.

[Event Team] Arcangelgaming leaves the VTC due to lack of time. We would like to thank them for their long-term support to the company for over 4 years!

[Human Resources Team] DorkulusDaddum has left the VTC due to personal reasons.

[Media Team] Dark Lady has left the Media Team due to personal reasons.



This quarter was our biggest of the year. Thanks for reading this edition of our Newsletter, and we can’t wait for you to read our 2023 Recap Newsletter!

-Prime Logistics Public Relations Team