What is Prime Logistics?

Prime Logistics was founded on October 12th 2018 by Joe & Matt.
"Our aim with the VTC was to have it how the drivers wanted it, So for every decision we make, we try and include as many people's opinions as possible."

Friendly Community

We strive to only accept and have friendly people in our community to make it the best experience for everyone possilbe! We feel like we have achieved this so far and that we will continue to.

New Technology

With a dedicated, and rather large Development Team, we can produce many new technology's such as a drivers hub, a tracker & discord rich presence, and an API and many many more things to come!

Fast Growing

We opened on 12/10/18 and we're currently at 80 drivers and that only goes up! Although we have many drivers, each and every one follows our rules and is brilliant, out on the road!