About Prime Logistics

Prime Logistics was founded on October 12th 2018 by Joe & Matt.
"Our aim with the VTC was to have it how the drivers wanted it, So for every decision we make, we try and include as many people's opinions as possible."

Friendly Community

We strive to only accept and have friendly people in our community to make it the best experience for everyone possible! We feel like we have achieved this so far and that we will continue to.

New Technology

With a dedicated, and swift Development Team, we can produce much more new technology such as our drivers hub, tracker & discord rich presence, and an API with many more things to come!

190 Drivers and Growing

We opened on 12/10/18 and we're currently at 190+ drivers and that only goes up! Although we have many drivers, each and every one follows our rules and is brilliant, out on the road!

Dedicated Staff Team

At Prime Logistics, we have a dedicated and friendly number of staff members helping users and moderating the discord to be friendly to new & existing users.

Modifications & Ranks

Our drivers have exclusive access to a wide selection of game modifications & many special ranks that are earned after driving a certain distance.

Quotes from our members

Here are various quotes from our drivers & staff.

"Prime VTC is the best VTC I’ve been a part of. I’ve made some great new friends who I drive with frequently, truely a great team here."

RB1988, Master Driver

"Prime Logistics truly is one of those VTC's you don't really see in the trucking community.
The staff are friendly and active, our drivers are hardworking and we even have exclusive commodities to go along with the experience."

Endy, Director of Recr.

"Really enjoyed my time in Prime. They are a welcoming VTC and try to make everything they do as fun as possible.
The staff are very friendly and helpful towards all players no matter the experience you have in the game."

Bricycle, Veteran Driver

"Prime is a group that sticks together no matter what.
We make it through, and it's a very active VTC I have seen so far."

Brijn_, Full Driver

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